Please Help
1-Champions Needed to spread the ideas that you like (social media, bulletin board, t-shirt, bumper sticker, voice, chalk on the sidewalk,  etc.)
2-Heroes Needed to vote and register fellow citizens to vote (one who displays courage and self-sacrifice for the greater good)
3-Mavens Needed to defend solutions for the common good (trusted expert in a particular field sharing timely relevant knowledge)
4-Teach Everyone to be aware of thought viruses. Stop minds from being infected.
5-Think long term and stop stealing from our children and grandchildren with short term greed.
6-End Political Parties Step 1 all Democrats register as Republicans to control nomination (Democrat 31% vs Republican 24%)
7-Run For Local Office or school board to spread solutions and love over negative distractions.
8-Stop Voting For Millionaires. Select people who live like you and understand your world.
9-Non-USA Citizen please friend some Americans and teach them how the outside world works :-)

Every Vote Is Equal
-The rich and powerful wish to stop you from voting by making it look hopeless.
-No matter what happens, never give up. Vote and help others to vote.
-Write in yourself or Jesus or Mother or Father. You are not restricted to only 2 bad choices.
-The vote of a billionaire is equal to your vote (which is why they wish to stop you).
- Last winner had 62+ million votes with 110 million non-voters.

Donate Time and Your Good Name not Money
-Investing your time and effort is the most valuable contribution possible for long term change.
-Chalk the thinking symbol onto the sidewalk or post on a bulletin board.
-Print a single issue and share it in a car window or on social media.
-Flip the lights on and off 3 times before you sleep to send hope into the dark.
-If we act as a starfish without central control, then we have a better chance each leading by example.
-Provide contact information to connect like minded people as a team.
-If you are old school and do not use social media or technology
...then Frank Alaska Quinn, Box 33, Hope Alaska 99605 USA

...if you build it, they will come :-)