Choose Love Not Fear while Building Bridges with Teamwork.

Change Perspective
Not Only 2 Choices

Paradigm Shift
Change Your Perspective And Common Sense Solutions Are Possible.
It Is Not 2 Dimensional Either/Or, Red/Blue, Republican/Democrat.

The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing (JF Kennedy +Burke)
Donate Acts NOT $$$
I do NOT want your money!
Money is the root of the problem not the solution.
Get off the bench & into the game before it is too late.
Show that Love & Kindness are stronger than Fear & Hate.
I will run for President for $100/year
Please support me with action.
Together, we can change the rules to this broken game.
Change the future by focusing on PrimingFraming, Thought Viruses, & Common Sense Solutions.
Please record your contribution to help motivate others (click feedback)

Remember change is in hand!
Look to the coins in your pocket. Get off the bench & into the game!
What If Past Non-Voters Selected AlaskaQuinn?
Carpe Diem!

Be The Paradigm Shift!
(a revolutionary change in thinking or action replacing a prevailing framework with a new/better way)