How To: Build Your Own Free Online Campaign
My whole life I have been a teacher and a builder of empowerment tools. So, this website and campaign for office are also an example for you to copy if you wish. My goal was to make it simple and free so that other teammates could also run for office without need for money or hiring staff. Below, I will share with you how to build something similar. We are a team. If I can empower you, then our team becomes stronger and we improve the chance of making things better. Carpe Diem! Please share and empower others who also believe in building common sense solutions for the common good.

Google Site Website
-Create a free gmail account
-Create a free website like this one (more pretty if you wish - I wanted pure and simple.)
-Site will exist but not have a pretty easy to remember domain name/url

Google Domain Name
-If you want a pretty name for your website goto
-Buy a domain name for $12/year
-One time, connect this domain name to your google site
-If desired, create free email forwarding

Google Drive Documents
-If you have a gmail account goto
-You can store 15GB of online material for free and share folders (view or edit options)

YouTube Channel and Playlists
-If you have a gmail account goto
-One time, create your free Channel for storing your videos
-Upload video to your channel then add to playlist if you wish
-You can now link directly to your channel or your playlists

Video Creation with PowerPoint
-PowerPoint 2010+ has a simple option to save to video
-PowerPoint = File - Export - Video - Size
-Insert audio with Animations - Animation Pane - Effect Options - Sound - Other Sound
-Record audio using phone or capture google translations using audacity

Audio Recording by Mobile
-Android: use Voice Recorder App
-App Options: File Type = MP3, Quality = Mono 16kHz
-Rename after recording (makes visible later)
-Connect phone to computer using USB cable
-Goto Folder "Recorders" inside "Internal Phone Storage"
-Copy audio files from phone to same directory as PowerPoint file on computer

Audio Edit/Capture with Audacity
-Install free Audacity software onto computer
-edit previously recorded audio via phone or record new audio (with microphone)
-remove mistakes and silence, increase volume with Effect-Amplify
-Save Project for future, File-Export-MP3

FormatFactory Convert Video to MP4 + Encode EVC(H264)
-Install free FormatFactory software onto computer
-Drop video files info FormatFactory
-Choose Convert Type Mp4
-Change 3 Video Settings
1-set Video Encode = EVC-H264 (required by twitter)
2-set Volume Control = 200% (increase volume for max play back volume)
3-set Bitrate(KB/s) = 96

Google Translate Text/Audio
-Free text and audio translations at
-Audacity program can record audio direct from web through speakers
-Change 3 default Audacity Recording option from microphone to capture speaker out
1-Windows WASAPI (not MME or Directsound)
2-Speakers (not microphone)
3-Stereo Recording

Image Editing with Paint
-Microsoft Paint is free, easy to use, and already installed on Windows computers
-If possible, always choose free simple option first before more complicated GIMP or photoshop
-Many simple image tasks can be done using Paint (PrtScr key captures screen, then paste into Paint)

Image Editing with GIMP
-Install free GIMP image editing program which is equal to paid PhotoShop
-Learn how to use Layers and basic tools from youtube training
-Use copyright free images from sources like

Use PDFill Image Writer to convert any document to a JPG image for easy sharing
-Install free PDFill Image Writer as a printer option (that prints to JPG image)
-Design material in Word and print to JPG for sharing
-Everyone can easily open and share images (not PDF or Word)
-Edit JPG image files with Paint or Gimp

FaceBook - free account - page - group

Twitter - post text and video

Instagram - post text and video

Pinterest - post text and video

Tumbler - post text and video 

Reddit - community
Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website.
Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members

Animate a GIF image on a google site = Edit HTML and add .gif?attredirects=0"

Classic Google Sites and other Google data can be exported with Google Takeout:

MediaBang Paint Free Graphics Program
Simple way to edit Transparent PNG images