Love & Teamwork
Not Fear & Hate!

Change Perspective
Not Only 2 Choices

Paradigm Shift
Change Your Perspective And Common Sense Solutions Are Possible.
It Is Not 2 Dimensional Either/Or, Red/Blue, Republican/Democrat.

The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good People Do Nothing
(JF Kennedy +Burke)

Donate Acts NOT $$$
I do NOT want your money!
Money is the root of the problem.
Money is not the solution.
Get off the bench and
into the game before it is too late.
Show that Love & Kindness
are stronger than Fear & Hate.
I will run for President for $100/year
Please support me with action.
We can change the rules
and fix the broken game.
Change the future by focusing on PrimingFraming, Thought Viruses, & Common Sense Solutions.
Please record your contribution to help motivate others (click feedback)

Remember change is in hand!
Look to the coins in your pocket. Get off the bench & into the game!
What If 93 Million Past Non-Voters
Selected AlaskaQuinn?
Carpe Diem!

Be The Paradigm Shift!
(a revolutionary change in thinking or action replacing a prevailing framework with a new/better way)