New ideas can change our broken system instead of running in circles.
Those with power and wealth want the system to remain the same and will fight change.
Each idea is independent and possible for anybody to use at any level of government.
Improve and share the ideas you like. Disregard those you do not value. Carpe Diem Teammate!
They want you to give up and believe it is not possible. Believe and stand for the common good.

Simple common sense ideas focusing on the cause not the symptom. (click for Images & Document)


Common Sense Solutions for the Common Good -

Clean Own Mess: If you make a mess then you clean it. Creator is responsible for removal and damages caused NOT tax payers or grandchildren. Total cost of item is not subsidized by the public to make short term profit for the creator. Leave no trace for grandchildren. (Ex. plastic creator includes total cost to remove plastic or prison for CEO plus corporate fines and dissolution.) 

G:\AQ image 190711\Flat Wealth Tax\Flat Wealth Tax 150.jpg

Flat Wealth Tax: Same tax rate for all wealth and single large deduction per person. Tax rate set to balance the previous year’s spending +1% debt reduction (less debt for grandchildren). One page tax form with no need for accountants, lawyers, or complicated rules to manipulate. Second page lists refundable tax credits where IRS pays you. (Ex. Education Tax Credit)

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190712\Balanced Elect Tax\Balanced Elect Tax 150.jpg

Balanced Election Tax: 80% election tax on all political contributions above the first $1,000 in a single year. 50% of the tax collected will pay to improve voter participation, voting equipment, and security. 25% will be split evenly between all candidates. 25% will be split again among non-incumbent candidates. Donations not transparently reported online within 30 days will be taxed at 99%. Circumventing $1,000 exemption will be a federal felony (and loss of incorporation).

E:\AQ image 190711\Trans Tax\TransTax 150.jpg

Transparent Taxpayer Money: All taxpayer funded programs must share online a detailed monthly spreadsheet of accounts payable & receivable for transparency. Citizens have the right to track exactly where money moved. If not reported, then money must be returned to taxpayers. Evil hides in the dark and dies in the light.

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190712\Family Support\family support 150.jpg

Family Values Support: Defend the American Dream and allow parents to spend time with children. 30+ paid federal holidays like Germany and Austria, 4+ months parental leave for both mother and father for each birth/adoption, and medical coverage for pregnant mother and child. Fix foster care & adoption systems to put all children into loving families within one year. Insure one parent working full time can pay for raising a child including food, shelter, clothing, and health care.

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ Ideas\TransElect.jpg

Politician Transparency: Require politicians to submit online a 40 hour weekly time sheet showing all meetings, contacts, possible conflicts of interest in order to receive salary or benefits. Fundraising & campaigning recorded separately beyond standard 40 hour week. 

E:\AQ image 190711\Child Abuse\Child Abuse2 150.jpg

Child Abuse Reduction: 2% reduction every year or automatic 1% increase in wealth tax restricted to fixing this issue. Federal referral and tracking system with safe houses & free lawyer. Designate as federal hate crime with no statute of limitations. Require quarterly online state reporting to obtain any federal funding.

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190712\College Free Online\Online College 150.jpg

College Free Online: Provide free 2 year online degree for all citizens as an extension of the current primary educational system. Credits are transferable to any 4 year college. An educated society is required to defend democracy and remain competitive without indentured service slave labor from college debt. (note: last 2 years paid by separate IRS tax rebate option)

G:\AQ image 190711\Food Label\food label 150.jpg

Food Labeling Transparency: Require simple labels with standard 100 gram comparison like EU. Beyond ingredients, list: possible pesticides and chemicals added including drugs used on animals; greenhouse emissions from production and delivery; GMO status; percent produced in USA; and unique product Id for online & App lookup.

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190714\_Privacy Contact\Privacy Contact 150.png

Privacy & Contact: Companies must obtain yearly opt-in confirmation from customers to contact with junk mail, email, or phone calls. Same requirement for collecting and sharing personal data. Violation is a 1 year felony for CEO, CFO, and Chair of the Board (with loss of incorporation).

E:\AQ image 190709b\renew\renew energy 150.jpg

Renewable Energy Reward: Profits made from providing renewable energy receive 50% tax reduction. Citizens providing their own renewable energy receive refundable tax credit to cover utility grid connection and carbon credit. IRS rebate for selecting renewable source from local utility.

G:\AQ image 190711\Deposit Plastic\Deposit50 150.jpg

Deposit 50 Cents: 50 cent federal deposit on all plastic bottles, cups, Styrofoam containers, and single use plastic bags. 50% refund deducted from federal taxes, and 50% used to remove plastics from the environment. Reduce bottled water by provided free water from federal funded buildings.

E:\AQ image 190711\Sex Assault\Sex Assault 150.jpg

Sexual Assault & Trafficking: 2% reduction every year or automatic 1% increase in wealth tax  restricted only to fixing this issue. Provide federal referral and tracking system with safe houses and free lawyer. Designate as a federal hate crime with no statute of limitations for customer, employer, or attacker. Require quarterly online state reporting to obtain any federal funding.

E:\AQ image 190709b\internet free\Internet Free 150.jpg

Internet Free: Like public roads, bridges, and police, basic internet access will be provided to all citizens regardless of income. Education and job skills training will be provided online for free.  All programs accepting federal funds will provide public WiFi access. (Ex. library, post office, school)

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190709c\vote Participation\Voter Part 150.jpg

Voter Participation: Target 100 percent automatic voter registration by connecting to draft registration and driver’s license. Issue valid national voter identification with free USA passport card. Copy voting systems that work such as mail in ballot (Colorado/Oregon) & 2 day voting with at least one holiday. $500 refundable tax credit for voting. Reward states for higher voter participation.

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190709a\_small\drunk drive.jpg

Drunk Driving Reduction: Reduce drunk driving death, damage, and public cost. Copy other countries that work (ex. Blood Alcohol Level of 0.05% in Europe or 0.02% in Sweden). BAC above 0.1% considered an aggravated felony assault. Auction vehicle with proceeds donated to addiction prevention and treatment. Assets frozen if guilty of injury or damage until payment made.

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190712\Education Material\Educ Material 150.jpg

Education Material Online: All education material created using taxpayer money will be available online for free with creative commons license. 1% of the federal education budget will be allocated to pay for creating and sharing high quality online material. Every child will have equal access to good educational material. Provide federal option to obtain a GED online for free.

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190709a\_small\sick care.jpg

Sick Care Prevention: Reduce greed and motivation to increase sickness by allowing patients to obtain drugs or medical procedure from any desired choice in any country. Ban drug advertising directly to the public (like whole world). Match services and cost of top five countries in the world. Allow consumers to make informed choices by providing transparent online measures and costs for procedures, doctors, hospitals, and customer satisfaction. Offer tax rebate for staying healthy.

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190712\College Credit\college credit 150.jpg

College Tax Credit: Provide refundable college tax credit where IRS pays for last 2 years of a 4 year degree (first two years provided by free online college option). End debt based indentured service system of students. Implement a retroactive tax credit covering previous student debt. Also, give refundable tax credit for high demand low reward fields like rural doctors or teachers.

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ Ideas\Domestic.jpg

Domestic Violence Terrorism: 2% reduction every year or automatic 1% increase in federal wealth tax restricted to fixing this issue. Provide federal referral and tracking system with safe houses & free lawyer. Designate as federal hate crime with no statute of limitations. Require quarterly online state reporting to obtain any federal funding.

G:\AQ image 190711\Parent Media\parent media 150.jpg

Parental Media Rating: Allow parents to set child limits trackable by App or cable provider. For example, only 5 rapes, 25 murders, and 200 violent acts this week. Each show or movie reports the number of sexual assaults, murders, acts of violence using a unique id (like ISBN). Viewer can be aware and set limits before viewing or relying on vague G/PG/R system.

E:\AQ image 190709b\water\Water Air 150.jpg

Water Air Testing: All buildings receiving federal funds will conduct quarterly tests of water and air quality both internal and external to increase citizen awareness. Results will be posted online into single searchable public database. Corporations must submit annual results.

C:\Users\All\Documents\teach think.jpg

Critical Thinking Teaching: Critical thinking skills will be taught in grades 1-12 including logical fallacies and cognitive biases. Democracy requires the ability to think, understand propaganda, and avoid deception. Consumers need the same skills to protect themselves.

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190709a\_small\drug_addict.jpg

Drug Addiction Reduction: Implement federally funded effective prevention and long term treatment for all forms of drug addiction. Clearly define and measure recovery. Focus on causes like child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, and mental illness. Hold providers of addictive chemicals responsible to pay for damages caused not taxpayers. Make nicotine a prescription drug.

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190712\Gun Responsible\gun responsible 150.jpg

Gun Free & Responsible: Federal government will offer a free gun to all citizens and all guns will be treated with the same rules as responsible car ownership including registration, insurance, inspection, and license (with refundable tax rebate for not owning a gun). Federal gun terror law for any crime committed with a gun adding +5 years for each gun and +1 year per bullet.

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190712\Election Transparent\elect transparent 150.jpg

Election Transparency: Provide single website with links to every local government election in the nation with issue grid for candidates to provide voters a simple comparison. Searchable website will include all donations made to each candidate for any election past or present including system for transparent tracking of donors. Contributions above $1,000 must declare/post within 30 days.

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190709a\prison\prison reform 150.jpg

Prison Reform: Stop cycling prisoners back into for-profit system paid by taxpayers. Reward reduced recidivism instead of increasing profit to put more people into prison. Prison refunds money for each returning offender. Copy other countries that work. Shift the billions spent on punishing symptoms into preventing causes. Reduce incarceration rates to the levels of other developed countries. Teach job & social skills while allowing only educational TV or books in prison.

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190709a\pregnant\Pregnancy 150.jpg

Pregnancy Prevention: Reduce unwanted pregnancy as the primary cause of abortions. Create loving stable homes for children by reducing domestic violence, child abuse, and drug addiction. Improve both adoption & foster care system. Require partner to pay minimum half cost of raising a child through college enforced by IRS with refundable tax credit paid to responsible parent. (Ex. mom receives IRS refundable tax credit payment and dead beat dad taxed by IRS).

G:\AQ image 190711\Immigration Reform\immigration reform 150.jpg

Immigration Reform: Hold top level person responsible for hiring illegal immigrants with 1 year felony conviction for each one hired. Reduce motivation to leave home country by reducing drug, sex, and gun trafficking; terrorism; and war. Process applicants more efficiently and humanely. If desired build wall with moat + electrified razor wire, but 50% of wall money spent on reform.

G:\AQ image 190711\Tax Haven\Tax Haven 150.jpg

Tax Haven Countries: Everyone pays their fair share. Black list tax haven country if it refuses to disclose taxable income or cooperate with investigations. All assets of country frozen with travel ban. Hidden money will be taxed at 90% until returned. Country receives 10% reward for returning hidden money.

E:\AQ image 190709c\Living Wage\living wage 150.jpg

Living Wage: Protect the middle class and the American Dream. One parent working full time will be able to pay for raising a child including food, shelter, clothing, health care, and transportation. Organizations accepting federal funding must pay employees at least the federal living wage (or 20% of the Congressional hourly pay rate if higher).

G:\AQ image 190711\Military Industry\military Industry 150.jpg

Military Industrial Complex Tax: Reduce profit from war & make money flow transparent online. Do not force military to purchase systems they do not want. Federal felony crime to over charge for military supplies plus increased tax rate if profiting from war. (Ex. If oil company profits from attacks on oil producing countries, then profit is taxed to pay for the conflict. Same for private contractors).

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190712\Equal Pay Rebate\Equal Pay 150.jpg

Equal Pay Rebate: Balance salary discrimination by reducing tax for unequal pay. For example, if women paid 75% compared to men for equal work, then women only pay 75% tax or receive refundable tax credit if higher. Equal after tax wealth for equal work.

E:\AQ image 190711\Social Sec\SocSec 150.jpg

Social Security Capless: Everyone pays into social security system at same percent based on wealth with NO cap. If government wants to steal from Social Security then it must also steal from the rich. Retroactive implementation for wealth/ income over 5 million.

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190712\Corp Responsibility\Corp Respons 150.jpg

Corporate Responsibility: Corporations have no soul and act on short term greed. At a minimum, the top 3 officials should serve prison time for corporate crimes in addition to fines to force long term accountability. The corporation is dissolved and all assets frozen if found guilty of a felony such as murder (citizens & environment not collateral damage). For transparency, all parent and child companies including officers will be posted to single public online searchable database.

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190714\_Political Parties\Political Party Divide 150.jpg

Political Party Divide: Political parties are dividing and destroying the country instead of acting for the common good. George Washington warned us against them in 1796. They are not part of the constitution. Cut them in half by all Democrats registering as Republicans. Increase ballot access and funding for non party candidates. Reduce gerrymandering by denying any federal funding. 

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190714\_lawfirm tax\Lawfirm Tax 150.jpg

Law Firm Tax: Increase tax on law firms to decrease profit and reduce motivation for encouraging lawsuits. Use tax money gained to improve the justice system like decreasing workload of public defenders and paying for prisons. Balance the system towards justice for all and away from greed for a few. 

Balanced playing field with liberty and justice for all.

(if you can draw better stick figure representation of each idea that would be very helpful)

Idea Quotes:
-Everything begins with an idea. - Earl Nightengale
-Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward: they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game. - Goethe
-An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all. -Oscar Wilde
-An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come. - Victor Hugo
-Every really new idea looks crazy at first. - Alfred North Whitehead
-Don’t be afraid of new ideas. Be afraid of old ideas. They keep you where you are and stop you from growing and moving forward. Concentrate on where you want to go, not on what you fear. - Anthony Robbins
-Ideas can be life-changing. Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea. - Jim Rohn
-You can imprison a man, but not an idea. You can exile a man, but not an idea. You can kill a man, but not an idea. - B Bhutto
-Human history is, in essence, a history of ideas. - H.G. Wells
-A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. Ideas have endurance without death. - John F. Kennedy
-You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea. - Medgar Evers
-Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. –Eleanor Roosevelt