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Those with power and wealth want the system to remain the same and will fight any real change.
Each idea below is independent and possible for anybody to use at any level of government.
Improve and share the ideas you like. Disregard those you do not value. Carpe Diem Teammates!
They want you to give up and believe it is not possible. Believe and stand for the common good.

Simple common sense ideas focusing on the cause not the symptom. (click for Images & Document)


Common Sense Solutions for the Common Good - – President USA

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Balanced Election Tax\Balanced Election Tax 150.jpg

Balanced Election Tax: Elections should not be on sale to the highest bidder or bought by the rich and powerful. We can Implement an 80% tax on all contributions over $1,000 in a single year with 50% of the revenue paying to improve voter participation, equipment, & security. The remaining 50% will be split among all NON-incumbents to encourage a more fair and balanced election system not biased toward the current person holding office. We can designate violation of this tax as a Federal felony including loss of incorporation and assets. A balanced election tax does not violate free speech and will decrease the power of SuperPACs and corporations.  #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Child Abuse Reduction\Child Abuse Reduction 150.jpg

Child Abuse Reduction: Children can not defend themselves against abuse and child abuse creates many other costly long term problems for our entire society. We will target a 2% reduction every year in child abuse or automatically increase the “flat wealth tax” by 1% to fix this issue. We can offer a federal referral & tracking system with free safe houses & lawyers to help children in poorer states defend themselves from long term harm. And we can designate this issue as a federal hate crime with no statute of limitations and stop the abuser from jumping state to state avoiding justice. Quarterly state reporting will be required to obtain any federal funding #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Citizens Online\Citizens Online 150.jpg

Citizens Online: We will build a simple transparent online system for citizens to directly vote on major legislation & propose laws. Before the internet and current technology this was not possible to imagine or implement. It is now possible to expand democracy while reducing both corruption & concentration of power in the hands of a few. We now have the ability to empower citizens to more actively participate in governing themselves making it much harder for special interest groups and SuperPACs to buy off our small group of elected officials. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Clean Own Mess\Clean Own Mess 150.jpg

Clean Own Mess: The one making the mess will be required to clean it. The creator of the mess is responsible for the removal & damages caused NOT tax payers or future generations. The total cost of the item created or sold will not be subsidized by the public to make short term profits for the creator. We will leave no trace for our grandchildren or future generations to clean. Personal responsibility will be encouraged with violations resulting in felony prison time for the CEO & loss of incorporation. For example, the creator of plastics or methane will include the total cost of removal and not pass this responsibility on to others to fix later. This will cause the free market to adjust towards long term cheaper products and packaging. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190712\College Free Online\Online College 150.jpg

College Free Online: We will provide a free 2 year online degree program for all citizens by extending the secondary educational system. The credits earned will be transferrable to any 4 year college. Education is required to defend democracy & remain competitive without creating a student debt based indentured service slave labor system. Long ago, a high school degree was enough to earn a good wage and achieve the American Dream, but this is no longer possible. So, we must extend our education system to adapt to current conditions and remain competitive in the world. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190712\College Credit\college credit 150.jpg

College Tax Rebate: We will offer a refundable college tax credit where the IRS pays for the last 2 years of a 4 year degree. Combined with the free 2 year online degree, this will allow every citizen to have a full 4 year college degree and better chance to achieve the American Dream. This will help end our current debt based indentured service system of poor and middle class students. It will also allow our country to be more competitive in the global economy. To help reduce previous college debt we will offer a retroactive tax credit. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Corp Responsibility\Corp Responsibility 150.jpg

Corporate Responsibility: Citizens & the environment are NOT collateral damage to be sacrificed for short term greed to enrich a tiny elite class. If a corporation commits a felony, then all assets will be frozen & the company dissolved losing copyrights and patents. The top 3 officers will serve prison time and lose their jobs to encourage long term accountability. We will end shell companies hiding in the dark by requiring a transparent online searchable public tracking system of all parent and child companies and corporate officers with board members. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Deposit 50 Cents\Deposit 50 Cents 150.jpg

Deposit 50 Cents: We will place a 50 cent federal deposit on all plastic bottles, cups, Styrofoam containers, & single use plastic bags. 50% will be refundable as a federal tax credit. The remaining 50% will be used to remove current plastics from the environment. All federally funded buildings like schools will provide free clean water to reduce the demand for bottled water. Creators of new plastics will be responsible for cleaning their own mess by including removal cost instead of being subsidized by taxpayers for their short term greed. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Domestic Violence Reduction\Domestic Violence Reduction 150.jpg

Domestic Violence Reduction: Domestic violence is a national problem and all citizens deserve protection regardless of state residency or resources. We will require a 2% reduction in Domestic Violence yearly or increase the Flat Wealth Tax by 1% to fix this issue. To provide equal protection to all, we will offer a federal referral & tracking system with free safe houses & lawyers. Domestic Violence will be designated as a federal hate crime with no statute of limitations. State reporting and tracking will be required to obtain any federal funds #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Drug Addiction Reduction\Drug Addiction Reduction 150.jpg

Drug Addiction Reduction: Drug addiction creates a massive costly ripple effect through our entire society helping to cause many other problems. We will offer federally funded effective prevention & long term treatment for all drug addiction to reduce the long term costs shared by all taxpayers. Recovery will be clearly defined & measureable not a vague random concept to manipulate statistically. Addictive chemicals providers will pay for damages caused NOT taxpayers. Nicotine is an extremely addictive chemical and will be designated as a prescription drug with a yearly % reduction in all public products. Focusing on causes like child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, & mental illness will also help greatly reduce drug addiction. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Drunk Driving Reduction\Drunk Driving Reduction 150.jpg

Drunk Driving Reduction: We will reduce and work to eliminate drunk driving deaths, damage, & the cost to the public. We will copy other countries which have proven more effective systems. For example, Europe sets a Blood Alcohol Level of 0.05% as a crime. Sweden sets a limit of 0.02% limit and designates 0.1% as an aggravated felony assault. All vehicles will be confiscated and auctioned with funds going to addiction prevention & treatment. Punishment will include multiyear driver tracking using phone apps to reduce future violations. We are currently choosing to let innocent citizen’s lives be destroyed by not fixing this issue. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190712\Education Material\Educ Material 150.jpg

Education Material Online: All education material created using taxpayer money will be freely available to every citizen and copyright free using a creative commons license. There is no good reason for taxpayers to continually pay each teacher to develop new material from scratch. 2% of the federal education budget will be allocated to create & freely share high quality online video and apps. Every child will have equal access to good educational material regardless of limited local funding or school quality. To increase high school completion rates, a free federal online GED degree program will be provided. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190712\Election Transparent\elect transparent 150.jpg

Election Transparency: We will provide a single website linked to every election in the nation with an issue grid to provide voters a simple comparison and NON-incumbent candidates a free way to reach voters. Information will be provided to make all contributions transparent and trackable for every donor and candidate both past and present. Donations not declared online within 30 days will be taxed at 99%. We can stop hidden money secretly buying our elections if we wish. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Equal Pay Rebate\Equal Pay Rebate 150.jpg

Equal Pay Rebate: Reduce salary discrimination by insuring equal after tax wealth for equal work. Balance salary discrimination by reducing federal taxes on the group being discriminated against. For example, if women are paid 75% compared to men for equal work in a particular field, then women in that field only pay 75% tax or receive refundable tax credit if higher. Salary discrimination can be fixed immediately at a federal level. We might take forever to change the pay discrimination but we can balance end of year after tax wealth. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Family Values Support\Family Values Support 150.jpg

Family Values Support: Defend the American Dream & allow parents to spend time with their children as the best way to support family values. Offer 30 paid federal holidays like Germany, plus 4 months parental leave for both mother and father per birth or adoption. Insure pregnant mothers and newly born children are healthy by providing medical coverage regardless of current income status. Fix both the foster care and adoption systems to have children in safe healthy homes within one year. #AlaskaQuinn

G:\AQ image 190711\Flat Wealth Tax\Flat Wealth Tax 150.jpg

Flat Wealth Tax: Simplify and balance the tax system so that everyone pays the same percentage rate without any need for accountants or lawyers. Set the same rate for all wealth not only income with a single large deduction per person (for example $40,000 per person). The rate will be determined yearly to balance the previous year’s spending +1% to pay down the current national debt instead of leaving it for our grandchildren and future generations. Page 1 of the tax form will list net wealth and page 2 will list refundable tax credits where IRS pays you. The current system is too complicated and unbalanced allowing the unethical to cheat and not pay their fair share while leaving a huge debt for future generations to repay. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Food Labeling\Food Labeling 150.jpg

Food Labeling: Require simple food labels with a fixed standard amount like the European 100 gram model. This allows consumers to easily compare any item without complicated math based on fake serving sizes. Require a unique product ID and scan code for quick online lookup of details. Empower consumers to make informed choices by (1) listing all pesticides and chemicals added including drugs used on animals; (2) GMO status; (3) all greenhouse emissions involved in creation and delivery; (4) the % produced in each country. Also give a tax rebate for growing food in a home garden & composting reducing costs associated with packaging, transportation and trash filling landfills. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Good Samaritan Immigration\Good Samaritan Immigration 150.jpg

Good Samaritan Immigration: We are a country of immigrants with grandparents welcomed by the Statue of Liberty inscribed with the message “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...” We are not Nazi Germany splitting children in cages from parents based on hate. Blaming parents trying to protect their families is not how we heal the immigration issue. We can address the causes by first setting a 1 year felony conviction for each illegal hired served by the CEO or president. Second we can reduce the motivation for immigrants to flee their home country by reducing trafficking in drugs, sex, & guns plus reducing terrorism & war. We can also build a wall with a moat & electrified razor wire, but spend 50% on humane & efficient immigration reform. What size wall would stop you from protecting your family? #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Govt Competition\Govt Competition 150.jpg

Government Competition: Private competitive markets are more efficient and innovative at providing cost effective services than a monopoly government model. We can reduce government waste and inefficiency by minimizing government providing any direct services which could be subcontracted to the private sector. We can require clear objective outcome measures for spending taxpayer money including customer service satisfaction. Bad service will result in a lost contract and new more customer friendly employees to better serve the public who pays for them.  #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Gun Free Responsibility\Gun Free Responsibility 150.jpg

Gun Free Responsibility: In the rest of the world, it is not normal for mass killings of children in schools, shoppers at the mall, or those attending church or a movie or concert. It will continue here until we are brave enough to change. We can offer a free gun to every citizen AND treat all guns like responsible car ownership with registration, insurance, inspection, & license. Any crime involving a gun will have an additional sentence of 5 year/gun & 1 year/bullet involved. Guns will be permitted at all government offices & gated communities so the rich and power feel the same motivation as the average citizen to solve the problem. A refundable tax rebate will be offered for not owning a gun. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Internet Free\Internet Free 150.jpg

Internet Free: Basic internet access will be provided free to all citizens regardless of income like public roads and bridges. Education and job training will be provided online for free.  Any program accepting federal funds will provide public WiFi including libraries and public schools. We need a society where all our citizens have access to online resources and are prepared to compete in the 21st century. A digital divide based on wealth makes us a weaker and less competitive nation.  #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190714\Law Firm Tax\Law Firm Tax 150.jpg

Law Firm Tax: We will increase the tax on law firms to reduce the motivation for profiteering lawsuits. Revenue collected will be used to improve the entire justice system, the prison system, and to reduce work load of public defenders. We need to balance the system towards justice for all and away from greed for a few. We will also cap the maximum percent of a settlement that can be claimed by a lawyer. The legal system does not exist to make lawyers rich. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Middle Class Wage\Middle Class Wage 150.jpg

Middle Class Wage: We can help protect the American Dream and build the middle class by making sure those doing the work are actually paid a living wage. Shifting the majority of wealth to the top one percent based on pure greed is destroying the fabric of our society. We can make sure that one working parent will be able to pay for a child, home, food, clothing, & health care. And, the other parent will have the option of staying home with the children to build a strong family unit. All federally funded organizations will be required to pay employees at least the federal living or minimum wage. Under paying tipped employees will be eliminated. A home tax rebate will be offered to give workers more flexibility and reduce both traffic and pollution. #AlaskaQuinn

G:\AQ image 190711\Military Industry\military Industry 150.jpg

Military Industrial Complex: We will reduce war profiteering and make military money flow more transparent to citizens. We will no longer force the military to purchase unwanted systems or split production into multiple states as a cash cow reward system for politicians. War and conflict should NOT be a way of making a profit for the rich while the poor die on the battle field. We will make it a felony with prison time for the top three corporate officers to over-charge or profiteer from the military. The first step will be to increase the tax rate for war profiteering (For example if an oil company profits because we attack an oil producing country, than the increased profit goes to pay for the war.) #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Parent Media Rating\parent media 1908 150.jpg

Parent Media Rating: We will empower parents to set child trackable media limits for movie, video, and television programs based on an objective meaningful rating system. The current system is too vague and incomplete. Every program will have a unique ID like a book ISBN number for easy online lookup and tracking. It will be possible to know in advance the number of murders, violent acts, sexual assaults, nude scenes, profane words, etc. Then a parent can set limits like only 10 rapes, 25 murders, 50 violent acts this week. Technology has advanced to make this a simple task and might help make us more aware of what we are putting into our minds and society. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Political Party Divide\Political Party Divide 150.jpg

Political Party Divide: We were meant to be “One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”. Political parties are dividing and destroying the country by acting against the common good and focusing on their own short term best interests. George Washington, our first and greatest President, warned us against creating political parties in 1796. They are not part of the constitution and should not have a stranglehold on our democracy. We can take steps to reduce their power or eliminate them. For example, increase ballot access and funding of non-party candidates; tax all political donations at 90% and distribute revenue to all non-incumbents candidates; end gerrymandering. We could start today and reduce the party system by 50% if all Democrats register as Republicans. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Politician Timesheet\Politician Timesheet 150.jpg

Politician Timesheet: Our elected officials are meant to work for the citizens. Like other employees, we can require politicians to submit a 40 hour a week timesheet for online public review in order to receive their salary and benefits. We can reduce evil hiding in the dark with no accountability and make the job less appealing to lazy corrupt individuals. We can require them to show all meetings, contacts, possible conflicts of interest, etc. We can also require them to separately report campaigning & fundraising which are not part of their paid 40 hour a week job. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Pregnancy Prevention\Pregnancy Prevention 150.jpg

Pregnancy Prevention: All sides can work together to reduce unwanted pregnancy as the primary cause of abortion instead of wasting resources spinning in circles constantly fighting our neighbors. Politicians will keep this issue alive forever to hold single issue voters. To encourage mothers to keep their future children we can help build loving stable homes by reducing domestic violence, child abuse, and drug addiction while providing health care for both the mother and child. We can end the economic stress of an irresponsible dead beat missing parent with a federal refundable tax credit given directly to the responsible parent. The irresponsible parent is obligated directly to the IRS and nonpayment would be a federal tax crime.  We can also improve both the adoption and foster care systems to make them more viable options. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Prison Reform\Prison Reform 150.jpg

Prison Reform: We will stop cycling prisoners back into a for-profit taxpayer funded prison system and reduce our incarceration rate which is one of the highest and most expensive in the world. Prisons will be rewarded for reducing recidivism and fined for return offenders. We can shift the billions spent every year punishing symptoms into preventing causes. We can focus more on teaching job and social skills to help prisoners become productive tax paying citizens. We can copy other nations that have working models like Norway’s restorative justice system which focuses on rehabilitating prisoners. We do not need to remain the worst example in the developed world wasting billions on an ineffective system. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Privacy Contact Rights\Privacy Contact Rights 150.jpg

Privacy Contact Rights: We can stop unwanted junk mail, email, and phone calls by requiring a simple yearly Opt-IN customer system to approve contact. The same requirement can be implemented for collecting and sharing your personal data. In addition, we can create a single online database for citizens to proactively Opt-OUT and require companies to check this system before making unwanted contact or collecting and sharing personal data. In addition to fines, we can make it a 1 year felony offence per violation to be served by the top three corporate officers with loss of incorporation. Citizens are not sheep to be used and manipulated for greed and corporate profits. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Renewable Energy Reward\Renewable Energy Reward 150.jpg

Renewable Energy Reward: To encourage a more healthy and sustainable long term energy supply we can offer a 50% tax reduction for any profits made providing renewable energy. Citizens who provide their own renewable energy will receive a refundable tax credit to cover utility company grid connection fees plus an amount based on the percent of energy saved. We will also offer an IRS rebate for selecting renewable sources from local utility companies #AlaskaQuinn

E:\AQ image 190711\Sex Assault\Sex Assault 150.jpg

Sexual Assault & Trafficking: We allow every fifth woman to be raped in our country and one in every three women to experience sexual violence.  We could protect our daughters, wives, and mothers if we thought it was important. Every 2 minutes a fellow American is raped. We will reduce sexual assault by 2% yearly or increase the Flat Tax by 1% with revenue restricted to fixing this issue. We will offer a federal referral & tracking system with free safe houses & lawyers. These crimes will be designated as federal hate crimes with no statute of limitations for the attacker or the customers and pimps involved with sex trafficking. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Sick Care Prevent\Sick Care Prevent 150.jpg

Sick Care Prevention: We currently reward an ineffective for profit sick care system based on short term greed and not a preventative health care system for the long term common good of our citizens. Our system is one of the most costly in the world with poor average rankings for the common citizen. We will reduce greed & profiteering connected with sickness by allowing patients to obtain drugs & medical procedure from any desired choice or country. Direct drug advertising to the public will be banned or taxed to death (like every other country in the entire world). We will offer a tax rebate for being healthy to encourage and reward healthy choices. Citizens will be allowed to make informed choices by implementing a transparent online system showing measures & costs for all  procedures, doctors, hospitals, & customer satisfaction #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Social Sec Capless\Social Security Capless 150.jpg

Social Security Capless: Social Security is going bankrupt and we can fix it now by treating everyone equally without exemptions and with liberty and justice for all. Every citizen will pay into social security at the same percent based on total yearly wealth with NO cap or upper limit. If the government wants to steal from Social Security then it must also steal from the rich. We can retroactively implement the cap removal for the richest 2%. For example, the current tax is about 6% with a cap set around $130,000. So if the average American earned $50,000 the tax would be $3,000 and if you earned $5,000,000 you would pay $7,800 with the current cap or $300,000 without a cap. The rich a powerful will stop the politicians from stealing their money and social security will be protected.  #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190714\_Split The Bill\SplitBill 150.jpg

Split The Bill: Our current system of combining and hiding graft, waste, pet projects, and corruption inside very large bills with no time for intelligent review is obsolete and can be fixed. We will allow separation of a bill into sections for independent voting by modifying the rules of order. We will enable a minority of responsible legislators or an online citizen’s petition to split bills during a required 2 week online review process. Evil hides in the dark and citizens or a few responsible elected officials will now be able to shine a light on it and require an individual vote on obvious waste. We can also require clearly defined outcome measures & terms for a bill to be valid preventing confusing vagueness, future manipulation, or legal conflicts. #AlaskaQuinn

G:\AQ image 190711\Tax Haven\Tax Haven 150.jpg

Tax Haven Loopholes: Corporations will NOT be allowed to avoid paying their fair share of taxes which is currently shifting the burden to the average tax payer. We will reduce corporate tax loopholes related to hiding assets in foreign countries. Tax haven countries will be black listed with all assets frozen and a travel ban imposed if they refuse to cooperate and disclose hidden money. We will offer a 10% reward for identifying and returning hidden money and hidden assets will be taxed at 90%. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Teach Critical Thinking\Teach Critical Thinking 150.jpg

Teach Critical Thinking: A healthy democracy requires the ability to think clearly, understand propaganda, and avoid deception. We will teach critical thinking skills in all primary and secondary schools as a subject equal in importance to math or English. This will include being able to identify deceptive arguments based on logical fallacies and cognitive biases. This will function as an anti-virus for the mind to defend against thought viruses spreading in social media and fake news. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Transparent Tax Spending\Transparent Tax Spending 150.jpg

Transparent Tax Spending: Citizens have the right to track how their tax money is spent. Waste and corruption grow in the dark and die in the light of accountability. All taxpayer funded programs will be required to post an online monthly spreadsheet of accounts payable and receivable for public review. Unreported money will be returned to taxpayers. Technology now makes it easy to export accounts to a free Google spreadsheet in only a few minutes. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Voter Participation\Voter Participation 150.jpg

Voter Participation: It is a disgrace that our country has one of the worst voter participation rates in the developed world. Democracy fails when citizens refuse to take responsibility and vote. All that is required for evil to win is for good people to do nothing. We will implement automatic voter registration connected to draft registration and obtaining a driver’s license. Every citizen will be issued a free valid national voter ID by expanding the current USA passport card system. A $500 refundable tax credit will be offered to responsible citizens who vote. We will copy voting systems proven to work including mail in ballots and 2 day voting over the weekend. We can also reward high voter participation rates by companies and by states. #AlaskaQuinn

D:\AlaskaQuinn Election\AQ image 190808\Water Air Test\Water Air Test 150.jpg

Water Air Testing: Citizens have the right to clean air and water. We will require quarterly tests of water & air quality to be posted online in single searchable website for all buildings receiving federal funds like schools and libraries. Citizens deserve a transparent system to be better aware of what is going into their bodies. Corporations will be required to submit results yearly. #AlaskaQuinn

Balance the playing field with Liberty & Justice for all – Independent President USA

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