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Love & TeamworkNot Fear & Hate!

Change PerspectiveNot Only 2 Choices
It is a trap to think only Red vs Blue or Elephant vs Donkey. Alter your perspective and new choices are possible. For example, in the image above, it is not only a 2 dimensional choice of Circle or Square. Expand your perspective to a 3 dimensional cylinder that includes both.
Paradigm ShiftChange Your Perspective And Common Sense Solutions Are Possible.It Is Not 2 Dimensional Either/Or, Red/Blue, Republican/Democrat.(Plato's Cave of Political Parties) (Political Divide)The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good People Do NothingDonate Acts NOT $$$I do NOT want your money!Money is the root of the problem.Money is not the solution.Get off the bench andinto the game before it is too late.Show that Love & Kindnessare stronger than Fear & Hate.Please provide support with action.We can change the rulesand fix the broken game.
Change the future by focusing on Priming, Framing, Thought Viruses, & Common Sense Solutions.Please record your contribution to help motivate others (click feedback)Remember change is in hand!Look to the coins in your pocket. Get off the bench & into the game!
What If 90+ Million Past Non-VotersSelected AlaskaQuinn?Carpe Diem!Click To View and ShareCommon Sense Solutions 
     Be The Paradigm Shift!(a revolutionary change in thinking or action replacing a prevailing framework with a new/better way)#AlaskaQuinn(PDF Version of Website)