Help/ContributeI need your help.I can not do it by myself.As as a a team, we have a better chance. 
Please Help with your heart & soul not money1) Champions Needed: spread the solutions that you like (social media, bulletin board, t-shirt, bumper sticker, voice, chalk on the sidewalk ...)2) Heroes Needed: vote, register fellow citizens, run for local office (one who displays courage and self-sacrifice for the greater good)3) Mavens Needed: defend solutions for the common good (trusted expert in a particular field sharing timely relevant knowledge)4) Teachers Needed: raise awareness of thought viruses and stop minds from being infected by installing a mental Anti-Virus.5) Think Long Term: stop stealing from our children and grandchildren with short term greed and massive debt.6) Run For Local Office: school board to spread solutions and love over negative distractions.7) Stop Voting For Millionaires: select people who live like you and understand your world.8) End Political Parties: step 1 all Democrats register as Republicans and change who is nominated.9) World Citizen: please friend some Americans and teach them how the outside world works :-) They have good hearts but lack perspective.

Contribute Below

Please Donate Your TimeInvesting your time and effort is the most valuable contribution possible. Money is making things worse.Become a champion of a single solution and share it on social media or tape it on a window or bulletin board.Chalk the thinking symbol onto the sidewalk or post it to increase awareness.Provide Feedback & Acts on this website to inspire and connect our teammates.If you are old school and do not use social media or technology then send a post card to... Frank Alaska Quinn, Box 33, Hope Alaska 99605 USA
Donate a Random Act of Kindness to Change PerspectiveShift the focus from fear and hate towards kindness and love. (shift the frame by priming positives)Focusing on fear is a technique done intentionally to prime a protective authoritarian control based perspective. Love is stronger than fear and primes an open free empowering perspective.Commit a Stealth Act of Caring (SAC) or a Random Act of Kindness (RAK)
Register everyone you know to VoteOur country is in trouble. Apathy and voter suppression are preventing people from voting!Help them, Encourage them, Lift them, Empower them, Unite them ... Carpe Diem!Please Register everyone you know to vote! <-Click here or share the link
Send Hope into the DarknessFlip the lights on and off 3 times to send a message of hope into the darkness for our current and future teammates to see. It costs nothing but requires that you believe change is worth your time.
Every Vote Is EqualThe rich and powerful wish to stop you from voting by making it look hopeless.No matter what happens, never give up. Vote and help others to vote.Write in yourself or Jesus or Mother Theresa or your Parent. You are not restricted to only 2 bad choices.The vote of a billionaire is equal to your vote (which is why they wish to stop you from participating).2016 winner had 27% of eligible voters with 98 million non-voters (40%). Apathy is destroying our future.
Donate $ to PBS and NPR in the name of AlaskaQuinnIf you want to invest money, then please spread truth by donating to your local NPR station or PBS in the name of AlaskaQuinn. Truth is our best long term defense against propaganda and deception.